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Health Focus Areas

GBCHealth was created in 2001 with a singular focus on HIV/AIDS.  Our initial mission was to help leverage the resources and influence of the private sector to combat this exploding epidemic.  As a result of GBCHealth’s work in sharing knowledge across companies, championing great ideas and fostering collaborations among businesses, governments, multilaterals and NGOs, millions of workers, their families and communities were educated about HIV/AIDS and, when it was needed, given life-saving treatment. The remarkable power of business to impact the health of people was unmistakable.

As membership and influence grew, it became clear that this model could serve as a powerful tool in the fight against other diseases. So, in 2007 we expanded our mandate to include tuberculosis and malaria.  Along with this expanded focus, GBCHealth began proudly serving as the Focal Point for the Private Sector Delegation on the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and malaria.

While HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria continue to take an unacceptable toll on communities and regional economies, progress is seen every day—especially as more global companies join the fight.

Yet new threats loom on the horizon: Non-communicable diseases present a significant threat to developing countries and emerging economies. Diabetes alone is positioned to drain national health program resources and cripple economic development if it is not met with a concerted, multi-stakeholder effort. As with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, business must play a part in addressing these and other threats to human health.

Over time, and with the guidance of our members and partners, GBCHealth will work with the private sector to support its engagement on an array of other health issues.