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U.S. HIV Initiative

MISSION: To deploy corporate skills and assets in smart ways that fill critical needs in the U.S. fight against HIV/AIDS.

WHAT WE DO:  Each year, 48,100 Americans become infected with HIV. Only 25 percent of those who know their status are linked to care. While health departments and non-profits are working hard to turn the tide, they often lack access to the resources and expertise that they need.

Enter the Coalition. GBCHealth is pairing leading companies with government and non-profits to pilot cutting-edge HIV-prevention and care partnerships that fill gaps in the U.S. HIV fight—all aligned with the U.S. government’s HIV/AIDS strategy. We’re demonstrating smart approaches that can be modified, replicated and scaled in communities across the country.

HOW WE DO IT: By orienting around the intersection where on-the-ground need meets corporate abilities, GBCHealth has focused on building public-private partnerships in the following areas:


MISSION: Execute best-in-class marketing campaigns that change behavior and attitudes, while building the capacity of our partners.

WHAT WE DO: For marketing and PR companies, understanding how to change hearts and minds is the bread and butter of business.

GBCHealth’s social marketing partnerships apply that understanding and decades of experience—in areas like market research, message development and testing and creative innovation—to the HIV/AIDS fight. The results are smart, effective, often locally targeted social marketing campaigns built on solid data and strategy.

HOW WE DO IT: L’Oréal is training hairdressers to educate 100 million Americans about HIV testing. 

Leading companies will bring the latest, greatest online HIV testing locator to millions of consumers and employees. 

Y&R experts are strengthening and scaling a high-profile gay men of color campaign. 


500,000 Hairdressers Mobilize Against HIV:

Increasing Testing without Increasing Costs:


MISSION: Put corporate capabilities and assets to work filling gaps in on-the-ground efforts in key markets affected by HIV/AIDS.

WHAT WE DO: Traditional corporate engagement on HIV/AIDS relies on low-skill volunteerism and philanthropic giving, both important to the cause. GBCHealth takes that engagement a step further.

By engaging employees in innovative ways—around their skills or networks, for example—companies can disproportionately increase their impact without spending more money.

HOW WE DO IT: Pfizer is applying its pharmaceutical sales model to promoting HIV testing among physicians and patients. 

Chevron, Levi Strauss & Co., Walgreens and others mobilized their workforces to improve the city’s condom distribution program. 


Oakland Mayor, Companies Team up Against HIV/AIDS:

GBCHealth Team‘s M&E is First of Its Kind:


MISSION: Improve U.S. government policies and practices affecting public-private partnership and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

WHAT WE DO: When business leaders speak about issues that don’t affect their bottom lines, it makes a difference in the halls of Congress and the White House.

GBCHealth brings corporate leaders into critical government policy discussions, including those relating to Federal HIV/AIDS funding and practices, as well as those around the role of the private sector as a partner in the HIV/AIDS fight.

HOW WE DO IT: Corporate leaders spoke with key Members of Congress about ending the federal funding ban on syringe exchange programs, which was later lifted. 

Companies shared insights with the White House around how to better make use of public-private partnerships. 


White House Talks Strategy with Business: