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HIV-Free Generation/Kenya

Join PEPFAR, the Government of Kenya, Warner Bros, Grassroots Soccer, Micato Safaris, MTV, and other global health leaders to help cut HIV incidence among Kenyan youth in half. With the help of GBCHealth and PATH, the Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation, Kenya (HFG/K) is deploying the high-value skills and assets of the private sector in new ways to improve the promising efforts already underway by implementing partners in country.

What is HFG/K?

The Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation/Kenya is an initiative implemented by PATH, an international nonprofit organization that transforms global health through innovation (  The Partnership is supported by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the US Agency for International Development and  is an innovative Public-Private Partnership that aims to cut HIV incidence among Kenyan youth in half.  HFG/K links the skills and assets of the private sector with PEPFAR and its implementing partners to make programs smarter and stronger.

Why is GBCHealth Involved?

GBCHealth is committed to empowering and enabling companies to make the most of their assets in addressing health challenges. In HIV-Free Generation/Kenya, GBCHealth has identified an ideal "on ramp" for Coalition members and partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Kenya is at the forefront of the drive to reduce HIV rates among youth (ages 10-24), with a combination of serious political will and deep on-the-ground expertise. Joining HFG/K gets your company involved in one of the most innovative public-private partnership programs out there.

Why Should Your Company Get Involved?

HIV-Free Generation/Kenya allows you to maximize your investment dollars with matched funding, build meaningful business relationships and work in an environment of technical innovation in partnerships with implementers-all while safeguarding the youth (ages 10-24) of Kenya.

  • Build Government Relations: Collaborate with the Government of Kenya and PEPFAR, the largest bi-lateral funder of development programs

  • Drive Tech Innovations: Take part in the development of new approaches and technologies for addressing global health issues, with PEPFAR implementing partners

  • Support Youth-Focused Initiatives: Demonstrate your support and gain learning on youth-centred programs

  • Demonstrate Leadership: Build your international CSR reputation as a partner in this high-profile initiative.

Shaping the future is Everybody's Business

Whether you want to collaborate with the U.S. Government, build relationships in emerging markets, experiment and develop innovative approaches for empowering youth (ages 10-24), or shape the future of the fight against HIV/AIDS, HIV-Free Generation/Kenya is a partnership for you.

Corporate Engagement Opportunities

One of the truly unique approaches of HFG/K is the mobilization and engagement of the private sector to collaborate with the public sector on innovative programming for HIV prevention with youth.

  1. Economic Empowerment This platform seeks to create employment opportunities for youth, train youth on entrepreneurship and life skills, and develop variable experience through internships, mentorship and apprentice opportunities. Provision of micro-credit/seed money for youth business start-ups would also fall into this platform, alongside other innovative interventions.

  2. Girl Empowerment Partnerships in this platform will focus on uplifting the self-esteem and status of girls and young women through education, economic empowerment, life skills and self awareness development, and can include interventions that help girls stay in school.

  3. Media & Communication The power of the media is undisputable. It has a huge impact on the lifestyle choices and demeanor of young people. Public-private partnerships envisioned under this platform might include the development of a TV series with multi-media customization. This would aim to increase knowledge and skills for HIV prevention among youth through training, providing information and means of HIV prevention.

  4. Innovative Communication Technology (Digital) This platform has the greatest potential, given that Kenya has the highest number of people using the Internet and has the fastest growing mobile penetration (five providers with over 22 million subscribers) in sub-Saharan Africa.

  5. Emerging Interventions A key strategy of HFG/K is innovation. This platform creates an avenue through which private sector partnerships will invent products or services. It gives the flexibility to fit and customize the partnerships that do not fit in any of the other four above and that may materialize as a key need during the program implementation.

For more information on HIV-Free Generation/Kenya, please visit the partnership's website.  To view some of HFG's current youth-targeted marketing, see the G-Pange website.

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