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China HIV/AIDS Media Partnership (CHAMP)

Media Partnership Tackles HIV/AIDS in China

Launched in 2008, the China HIV/ AIDS Media Partnership (CHAMP) mobilizes the communicative power of mass media and commercial marketing to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV in China.

Building upon proven partnership models, including the highly successful Russian Media Partnership to Combat HIV/AIDS, CHAMP is a unique collaboration between media companies, private businesses, NGOs, the government sector and UN agencies.

CHAMP's public service announcements (PSAs) have reached a potential audience of 750 million people across China. The PSAs are directed by some of China's leading creative talent, including Cannes Film Festival-winning director Gu Changwei, and feature high-caliber movie stars such as Wang Baoqiang and Qin Lan.

CHAMP's key objectives are:

  • Increase coverage of HIV/AIDS issues in Chinese media, including in television, radio, print, internet and outdoor advertising.
  • Improve awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS by the Chinese public.
  • Foster a more conducive environment for public dialogue on HIV/AIDS, including reducing in stigma and discrimination based on HIV status.

GBCHealth has worked with the Chinese Ministry of Health and Center for Disease Control, UNAIDS China, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Global Media AIDS Initiative (GMAI) as well as several private sector partners to produce the PSAs. Companies that have contributed to the project include: MTV China, Baidu, Inc.,, Beijing HealthTV Marketing Corporation, Chang Ai Media Project, Phoenix New Media, Anglo American, BD, Coca-Cola (China) Beverages Ltd. and General Motors China.

Going forward, GBCHealth will continue to collaborate with some of the 40 partners in the Champ initiative to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in China through the use of innovative messaging via broadcast media and the Internet, including social media and mini- and  microblogging.