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Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA)

The Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA) is a unique coalition of companies from various industries, all with business interests in Africa, launched by Marathon Oil in 2007. With GBCHealth as implementing partner, CAMA brings the collective force and voice of the private sector to improve the impact of malaria control efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

CAMA’s founding member companies—many of whom already implement or finance leading-edge malaria initiatives—are Marathon Oil Corporation, Bayer Environmental Science, Global Industries, Cameron International, Coca Cola Africa, Chevron, EDG Engineers, Halliburton,
Noble Energy, and Wood Group. Each company has committed to CAMA’s goals and objectives and plays an active role in accomplishing CAMA's mandate.

Our Vision: To reduce the incidence of malaria by promoting private sector cooperation on malaria control projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission: To provide a forum for corporations, working with governments and NGO’s, to cooperate on existing malaria intervention projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, encourage the creation of new partnerships, share best practices and promote understanding of the fight against malaria.

Our Goal: To maximize malaria intervention benefits through the optimization of incountry cooperation, information sharing and private sector advocacy.

How CAMA Works
CAMA advances the business fight against malaria through a common platform of private sector cooperation in host-countries, sharing of information and best practices and serving as a leading private sector advocacy organization.

Build country-level capacity for effective malaria control and eventual elimination

  • Optimize in-country cooperation on malaria control on projects to maximize intervention benefits.
  • Identify needs and gaps in-country and mobilize business contributions to fill them.

Promote multi-company and multi-sector partnerships to increase the scale and impact of malaria control initiatives

  • Encourage more private sector companies in Africa to join existing, and/or implement new, malaria intervention projects
  • Act as a resource for other companies interested in getting involved in malaria control

Exchange knowledge and current best practices while providing heightened visibility for corporate engagement on malaria control

  • Serve as a forum to share information, best practice and lessons learned
  • Work closely with the US Malaria Coordinator on implementation of the President’s
  • Malaria Initiative
  • Collaborate with international malaria control organizations on advocacy

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