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A Call to Action from Board Co-Chair Ray Chambers

One day upon returning from Malawi, Jeffrey Sachs, senior U.N. advisor and world renowned economist, showed me photos of what I took to be sleeping children. I thought they looked angelic and commented on how cute they were. Jeff responded, “You don’t understand. They were all in malaria comas at the time of the photo and subsequently died.” That image, which piqued my interest in global health, will never leave me.

Upon the realization that eliminating malarial deaths is achievable, I co-founded Malaria No More to apply a business approach to increasing awareness and providing lifesaving medicine and bed net coverage. And it’s working – in the near future, we will achieve the goal of eliminating preventable malaria deaths. This is unprecedented and should encourage us that achievement of Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6 – to improve child health, maternal health, and HIV/AIDS and TB – is possible. Malaria is an example of the progress that is possible when the private and public sectors align.

It is GBCHealth’s vital role to facilitate the best work of the private sector on global health by leveraging the influence, know-how and resources that are unique to business. From guiding companies with their workplace programs, to supporting community health projects, to helping establish partnerships between business, NGOs and multilaterals, the GBCHealth platform enables members to achieve maximum social impact and receive fair recognition for their great work.

I wholeheartedly believe that sustainable private sector engagement is vital to solve the most critical health issues of our time. The companies and their stakeholders that make up GBCHealth should be proud of their work in improving the health of their workforces and communities.  On a personal note, the dedication of my lifework to philanthropy has made me happier and more satisfied than I ever could have imagined.

I look forward to welcoming you to the GBCHealth global network. Please Contact Brian Leamy, our VP of Global Membership, to find a membership that uniquely fits your organization’s assets and goals.