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GBCHealth Conference 2012


GBCHealth Conference: Ninety Days Away, So Book Today!

May 14-15, 2012 | New York City

GBCHealth Conference 2012 Speakers

In 90 days GBCHealth kicks off its most important event of the year on business engagement in global health. And we want you to be part of the conversation. "Defining Forward: Business, Health & The Road Ahead" is this year's theme. We'll explore the most important ideas from the brightest minds in global health as we deepen our understanding of the critical role of business in improving health, from the workplace to the world. Among the inspiring voices you'll hear: Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Nicholas Kristof, Julio Frenk, Richard Edelman, Muhtar Kent, Ray Chambers and many more. Early Bird rates still available. Book today.

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Join amfAR and GBCHealth at XIX International AIDS Conference

July 21, 2012 | Washington, D.C.

Together to End AIDS: An amfAR and GBCHealth Benefit

For the first time GBCHealth is teaming up with amfAR to co-host a very special evening at the start of the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington DC. Please join us for a memorable evening of honors, performances and inspiration in celebration of the power of partnerships to advance the fight against HIV/AIDS. Learn about sponsorship opportunities and ticket sales here.

Expert Connections Teleconference: Defining Forward

February 24, 2012 | Virtual

What does GBCHealth see as the big trends, conversations and action areas in health for 2012? And how can business play its most valuable role in tapping into to the growing global focus on health? Join us for the first Expert Connections Teleconference of 2012: Defining Forward: The GBCHealth View of 2012. This call will be a moderated conversation between Managing Director Michael Schreiber and GBCHealth's Membership VPs: Pam Bolton and Brian Leamy.

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GBCHealth Member Meeting

February 27, 2012 | Johannesburg, South Africa

GBCHealth Welcomes 31 New Members in 2011

Leaders from business, government and civil society will convene on February 27 in Johannesburg for the first GBCHealth Member Meeting in South Africa in 2012. Discuss emerging health trends and their impact on business leadership. At the meeting, Michael Schreiber, Managing Director of GBCHealth, will unveil the GBCHealth's regional priorities for 2012.

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Competing by Saving Lives: Creating Shared Value in Pharma and Medical Device Companies

March 8, 2012 | New York City

Creating Shared Value in Pharma and Medical Device Companies Event

Join GBCHealth and FSG for an exclusive event on creating shared value, featuring Michael E. Porter of the Harvard Business School. A panel of senior executives in global health will engage audience members in a discussion on how to successfully facilitate shared value initiatives within pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Participants will have the opportunity to join in a shared value working session and networking reception.

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Indian Doctors Report Cases of Totally Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Doctors recently identified Totally-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TDR-TB)Doctors in Mumbai, India, recently identified a virulent form of tuberculosis (TB) that is resistant to several, if not all, drugs. This episode underlines the importance of mobilizing the global fight against TB. Labeled as Totally Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (TDR-TB), this strain draws attention to the lack of healthcare resources to prevent the spread of TB in developing nations. In marking World TB Day next month, GBCHealth's March newsletter will feature member initiatives to combat the disease and resources to help companies take further action on TB.

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Creating an HIV-Free Generation in Kenya, One PPP at a Time

HIV-Free Generation Kenya

As part of the HIV-Free Generation/Kenya (HFG/Kenya) initiative, GBCHealth uses its unique expertise in engaging the private sector on global health issues to build public-private partnerships (PPPs) to help prevent the spread of HIV among the youth in Kenya. These diverse PPPs address the AIDS epidemic and its underlying issues through a variety of means, from helping to improve girls’ access to education to educating youth about HIV prevention through various media platforms. GBCHealth partnered with PATH as part of the HFG/Kenya initiative in 2010. The Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation is a PPP that strives to reduce the incidence of HIV in youth in countries targeted by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

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Global Fund Updates

Executive Director Steps Down; General Manager Named

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Michel Kazatchkine, Executive Director of The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, has decided to step down in mid-March after leading the organization for five years, during which time he oversaw a dramatic expansion in the organization’s life-saving work. Concurrently The Global Fund announced it has appointed Gabriel Jaramillo as General Manager to oversee a process of transformation as The Fund accelerates the fight against the three pandemics by focusing on its management of risk and grants. The lives of millions of people depend on the continued success of the Global Fund and its programs. Promising trends in HIV, TB and malaria control are now leading to healthier communities and contributing to wealthier economies. A retreat from funding at this time would carry unacceptable costs, not only in greater financial requirements later to make up for lost ground, but also in terms of lives lost now.

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Workplace Wellness Tool: StickKing to your Goals for a Healthier You

Technology to help you meet your health goals

Each New Year's Eve people around the world resolve to be better once midnight strikes. Most of these resolutions fail to come to fruition, as our willpower falters. But there is hope. Making your resolutions public, via platforms like YouTube, or taking advantage of services from sites like can help you meet your resolutions. (the capital K is legal-writing shorthand for contract) allows users to set a literal price for failure if they do not achieve their goals.

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GBCHealth Staff is Taking Workplace Wellness to Heart

Charged with promoting global health and workplace wellness, GBCHealth is finding inspiration internally. Over a quarter of the staff in the New York headquarters have committed to running a half-marathon on World TB Day (March 24). Jason Alan Vega, the team's captain, explains that GBCHealth has been highly supportive of the initiative and offered to subsidize the team's registration fees. Vega warned, however, that the staff must finish all 13.1 "fabulous miles"…or risk forfeiting their reimbursement.

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Safe Water for Health Conference: GBCHealth Takeaways

Access to safe water is important to good health

Nearly 887 million people lack access to clean water. About two million people die each year from diarrheal disease, most of them children under five. The Safe Water for Health Now Conference, convened by the Boston University Center for Global Health & Development, in partnership with GBCHealth member Vestergaard Frandsen, focused on the challenges of providing safe water to improve the health status of the world's neediest and most vulnerable people. The conference offered a range of perspectives on the water crisis and discussion of new business models to make safe water sustainable.

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GBCHealth Conference: Ninety Days Away, Book Today

Join amfAR, GBCHealth at International AIDS Conference

Expert Connections Teleconference: Defining Forward

Member Meeting in South Africa

FSG, GBCHealth Event on Creating Shared Value

Cases of Totally Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Reported

PPPs Create HIV-Free Generation in Kenya

Global Fund Updates

Workplace Wellness Tool: StickKing to your Goals

GBCHealth Workplace Wellness

Safe Water for Health Takeaways

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