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GBCHealth News and Opportunities
GBCHealth News and Opportunities | April 2012
  Sarah and Gordon Brown at the 2012 Awards Dinner



List of Top-Notch Speakers, Global Health Luminaries Keeps Growing

May 14-15, 2012 | New York City

Michelle Bachelet. Christy Turlington Burns. Deepak Chopra. 100 + companies. Two days in New York City with the best of GBCHealth’s network to challenge, inspire and educate on how to elevate the role of the private sector in global health. Conference rates go up on May 1, so be sure to register now.

Sponsorships and tickets are now available.

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Bill Gates to be Honored at GBCHealth/amfAR Gala

July 21, 2012 | Washington, D.C.

Gates to be honored at GBCHealth/amfAR Gala

amfAR and GBCHealth are joining forces to host the event for business at the International AIDS Conference. amfAR will honor Bill Gates with its Award of Courage for his leadership on global health and HIV/AIDS. Also, leading companies will be recognized for their outstanding work in fighting HIV/AIDS over the past 30 years, paying tribute to the collaboration that has fueled the progress. Join us for a cocktail reception, festive gala dinner and world-class entertainment. Become a sponsor or reserve a ticket today. Learn more

Gary Cohen of BD Joins GBCHealth Board

Gary Cohen Elected to GBCHealth BoardThe GBCHealth Board of Directors has unanimously elected Gary M. Cohen, Executive Vice President of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), to serve on its Board.

BD, a global medical technology company with $7.8 billion in revenues and 29,000 employees in more than 50 countries, has a long and valued history with GBCHealth. Cohen devotes a significant amount of time addressing health issues in developing countries and serves a leadership role with numerous public health organizations.

“Gary is dedicated to the principal that business can — and must — help improve the health of people around the world,” GBCHealth President and CEO John Tedstrom said. “We are delighted that he will bring his passion and business expertise to our Board." Read more

Got Data? GBCHealth Wants to See!

We are canvassing our members to see who has gathered quantitative data on the effects of health-promoting investments on their operations. We invite you to share. Your company’s data will help build a Business Case for Investments in Global Health, an initiative that looks to sustain support for U.S. global health investments during these difficult budgetary times by demonstrating that committing resources to health globally leads to favorable economic impacts for the U.S. GBCHealth is a partner in this initiative, led by Ambassador Mark Dybul and Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, where Dybul is co-director. The data will also help build GBCHealth’s database on the tangible impacts of our members’ work so that this knowledge can be shared to galvanize even greater business investments in health. Learn more



Vale Weaves Malaria Awareness Activities into Company-Wide Global Health Week

ValeVale, a mining company headquartered in Brazil and a GBCHealth member, is addressing malaria prevention as part of a larger health and wellness awareness initiative. Vale wove malaria programming into its company-wide Global Health Week, a workforce educational initiative held on April 16-21 that gives employees information on relevant health issues, including how to adopt healthier behaviors. On April 18, Vale leaders around the globe engaged employees in discussions about malaria. At some sites in malaria-endemic areas, such as northern Brazil, these malaria awareness activities involved local stakeholders from surrounding communities.

Chevron Angola and Nigeria Mark World Malaria Day with Employees & Communities

Chevron Commemorates World Malaria Day

Chevron operations in Angola and Nigeria will commemorate World Malaria Day with malaria prevention and awareness activities for their workforce and communities. Peer educators will share malaria information with employees and surrounding communities. Activities will also provide participants with access to malaria prevention tools, including long-lasting insecticide treated nets and insect repellant. Read more

SC Johnson Seeks to "WOW" Rural Consumers with Malaria Prevention Tools

Company Partners with Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

SC Johnson Brings Innovation to Fight Against MalariaGBCHealth member SC Johnson, a manufacturer of cleaning and other household products, partnered with Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise to recently launch “WOW” for rural consumers in developing markets. This membership-based club dedicated to improving home and family-care practices, provides SC Johnson mosquito repellents and insecticides, along with cleaning products, to low-income homemakers to reduce the transmission of malaria. The program was recently unveiled in the village of Bobikuma, Ghana. Read more

In 2010, SC Johnson also developed the Anti-Malaria Information, Education & Communication (IEC) program, which includes manuals on training malaria educators. The "train the trainer" materials provide information on educating employees, customers and the broader community on the risks of malaria, effective prevention measures and anti-malaria treatment. The trainer materials are available at no cost to GBCHealth members. Access the SC Johnson Materials

Bayer Increases Public Malaria Awareness in Senegal

Bayer Supports Malaria Awareness Campaign in SenegalBayer Environmental Science, a GBCHealth member and industry leader in vector control tools, is sponsoring a variety of activities across sub-Saharan Africa to recognize World Malaria Day 2012. As part of these efforts, Bayer has partnered with TV5 in Senegal to increase public awareness of tools and resources available to prevent malaria. TV5 is dedicating a week of programming to help increase viewers’ awareness of malaria prevention and treatment, including how to use tools like bed nets and indoor residual spray effectively. The programming will reach viewers in Senegal and other regions of francophone Africa. Bayer is dedicated to working collaboratively with public and private sector organizations to eliminate malaria.


Private Sector Partnerships Continue to Fuel PATH’s Work

PATH Continues to Work with Private Sector to Achieve Global Health Goals

PATH, a GBCHealth member and non-profit organization that works in more than 70 countries, has a long history of private sector collaborations to improve health.

Its most recent collaborations with private partners are on track to achieve important public health impact. For example, the long-standing partnership between the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals is in the midst of an advanced clinical trial of the world’s leading malaria vaccine candidate, and initial results show that it provides significant protection in young children in Africa. A newer partnership between PATH and BHP Billiton, a GBCHealth member, focuses on improving critical health and development services for pregnant women and young children in South Africa and Mozambique. And in a recent venture with Merck, another GBCHealth member, PATH is identifying innovative technologies that can save women’s lives during pregnancy and childbirth in low-resource settings through a partnership with the company’s Merck for Mothers program.

Sarah Temple, New Vice President for External Relations at PATHPATH also collaborates directly with GBCHealth to lead the Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation, Kenya, which engages the public and private sectors with the aim to cut HIV incidence among Kenyan youth in half.

PATH’s new vice president for external relations, Sarah Temple, also has a long history of building private-public partnerships. Read more on PATH and Temple

Expert Connections Teleconference: Rebranding TB

March 21, 2012 | Virtual

Rebranding TBLast month in honor of World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, GBCHealth hosted an Expert Connections Teleconference that focused on an effort underway to "rebrand" the often neglected disease. Though one of the leading global killers, TB is often overlooked by donors. Dr. Krista Thompson of the medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson, and Company), described the Stop TB Partnership’s Private Sector Constituency’s progress in developing a new brand concept and campaign for TB that would resonate with the general public. The objective of this initiative is to present information about the disease in a clear and compelling manner and to mobilize TB prevention activities. Dr. Lucica Ditiu of the Stop TB Partnership kicked off the call with an overview of the global TB epidemic, highlighting the burden of TB on a significant portion of the global population and the low cost of preventing the disease. Learn more

Notes from the Field: Pfizer Fellow on Diabetes in China

Pfizer Global Health Fellow David Marshall with the GBCHealth China teamDavid Marshall is a fellow with the Global Health Fellows Program, Pfizer’s international volunteer program, and works with GBCHealth to help design and implement a private sector-focused diabetes initiative in China. Now in his sixth week in China, David has been blogging about his assignment. Read David's posts to learn more about the Chinese health system, the role of business in addressing diabetes and the specifics of the diabetes epidemic in China. David has worked on market research at Pfizer since 1986. He specializes in understanding managed care customers in the U.S. and hopes to share his chronic disease experience with GBCHealth through the fellowship. Learn more

Companies Work to Make an HIV-Free Generation in Kenya a Reality

HIV Free Generation/KenyaThe Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation/Kenya (HFG/K) is a public-private partnership that aims to cut HIV incidence among Kenyan youth in half. By linking the skills and assets of the private sector with PEPFAR, HIV-Free Generation has been able to address the key drivers of HIV/AIDS among Kenyan youth. GBCHealth has helped broker public-private partnerships with:

  • MTV, to create the high-impact TV series, Shuga and Shuga ll, that promotes health education and safe sex behavior
  • The Standard Media Group, to publish youth-generated pages on HIV prevention in magazines
  • Two local NGOs, to reach 10,000 youth through job skills programs
  • Huru International, to provide sanitary pads to girls in poor communities, along with HIV and health information

To learn more about the HIV-Free Generation partnerships in Kenya, click here.

AMPATH Supports Diabetic Kenyans while Creating Jobs for Underemployed

AMPATH, a partnership between Indiana University, the government of Kenya, Moi Hospital and Moi University School of Medicine, is a long-term partner of GBCHealth in addressing health needs in Kenya. In response to the alarming number of diabetic individuals who die from diabetic-related causes simply because the clinicians are unaware of their diabetic status, AMPATH and the Tumaini Children's Drop-In Center created bracelets that clearly designate the wearers as diabetic so hospital staff can provide life-saving treatment immediately.

The bracelets are handmade by girls who previously had to work on the streets to make ends meet. Through this program, AMPATH is improving care of diabetic patients while also providing a sustainable and safe source of income for former sex workers.

GBCHealth Expert Teleconference on Health at Home/Kenya—Door to Door Health Testing

April 26, 2012 | Virtual

The diabetes bracelet is just one of AMPATH’s many initiatives to address the short and long-term challenges of global health. Join AMPATH, the Abbott Fund and GBCHealth on our next teleconference to learn about another important program in Kenya, one that delivers health care door to door. Three years into the initiative, Health at Home/Kenya has expanded from solely testing for HIV to an approach that includes prevention, testing, care and treatment of people impacted by HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, diabetes, malnutrition and heart disease. Please join our Expert Connections Teleconference on April 26 at 10 AM EST. Read more


Conference 2012: List of Top-Notch Speakers Keeps Growing

Bill Gates to be Honored at GBCHealth/amfAR Gala

Gary Cohen of BD Joins GBCHealth Board

Got Data? GBCHealth Wants to See!

Vale Weaves Malaria Awareness Activities into Company-Wide Global Health Week

Chevron Angola and Nigeria Mark World Malaria Day with Employees & Communities

SC Johnson Seeks to WOW Rural Consumers with Malaria Prevention Tools

Bayer Increases Public Malaria Awareness in Senegal

Member Spotlight on PATH: Charting a bright future for global health

Expert Connections Teleconference: Rebranding TB

Notes from the Field: Pfizer Fellow on Diabetes in China

Companies Work to Make an HIV-Free Generation in Kenya a Reality

AMPATH Supports Diabetic Kenyans while Creating Jobs for Underemployed

GBCHealth Expert Teleconference on Health at Home/Kenya—Door to Door Health Testing


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Health at Home Kenya | Door-to-Door HIV Testing and Healthcare: Essential Lessons From the Field



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