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Help Spread “Child Health Now” Message for UN General Assembly Leaders

The Child Health Now campaign invites GBCHealth members and supporters to take part in an outreach campaign to call on world leaders at the UN General Assembly to end poverty.

The mobilization, led by GBCHealth member World Vision,  between 4-10 September 2013 ahead of the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York City, will call on world leaders to “Close the Gap” on poverty so all children can live to see their fifth birthday.  By bringing the voices of supporters to New York, World Vision hopes that leaders will accelerate action on maternal, newborn and child health ahead of the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.  Activities have been planned in over 30 countries.

Supporters are asked to spread the word through social media, blog posts and by signing the campaign pledge. Here’s how:

  • Spread the word through social media networks by using the social media pack here and the hashtag #ClosetheGap
  • Take action! You can quickly take the campaign pledge here
  • Tell World Vision what your company or organization is doing to
  • Close the Gap! Write a blog post on how your work is helping to
  • Close the Gap on global health poverty. Send blog post to to be posted on
  • Watch the new Child Health Now video 'The Pied Piper a modern day fairy tale'

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