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GBCHealth Member ZMQ Wins USAID Award

GBCHealth member ZMQ Development has received a Millennium Alliance Award for its Women Mobile Lifeline Channel, a mobile phone-accessible content channel that provides health information to millions of Indian women. The awards are bestowed by the Millennium Alliance – a new partnership between India’s Technology Development Board, USAID and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry  - to recognize innovative responses to the health needs of low-socioeconomic populations across India and the world.

ZMQ created dedicated sub-channels for maternal and child health, reproductive health, family planning, home-based neonatal care and adolescent girls. To cater to the needs of India’s millions of semi-literate women, the channel uses “iconic language” with limited audio and text. The channels are designed to provide women with quality information and to connect them to Primary Health Centers and health institutions. The program addresses India’s need to improve maternal and child health as 19 percent of all maternal deaths (56,000 deaths per year) occur in India and 22 percent of babies in India are born with low birth weight.

The channel will also deliver educational entertainment content like Games4Women, functional literacy tools, vocational training, and decision-making tools. In the first three years, ZMQ hopes to reach over 10 million mobile phones. In the future, it hopes to reach 40 million additional subscribers using  regional languages and to expand the topics to other relevant issues such as disaster preparedness, hygiene and domestic violence.