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RTT Health Sciences is Africa’s leading pharmaceutical supply chain service provider. Based in South Africa, we specialise in multi-channel solutions for delivering essential medicines and consumer health products nationwide as well as to developing markets across the African continent.


Our expertise in managing compliance and cold chain requirements, driving down costs, maximising efficiencies, leading the market in research and innovation and providing training and skills transfer, along with our approach of harnessing the best professionals and the best technology in the industry, has positioned RTT Health Sciences as a world-class logistics company and a premier service provider to international donor organisations working in the arena of public healthcare.


At RTT Health Sciences we have an outstanding reputation for delivering on our Five Rs of Supply Chain Management: Rapid, Regular, Reliable, Resupply of Real requirements. Our innovations in infrastructure, operations and management solutions have given us the lead in service provision to developing markets. We have developed multi-market warehousing models and accurate demand forecasting systems that have transformed the face of healthcare delivery in Africa. We have the capacity to limit the impact of variance, slash lead times, eliminate obsolescence and stockouts, introduce phenomenal cost savings, maintain world class compliance, supply advanced cold chain management, provide reliable inventory planning and management, and grow our clients’ market share.


At RTT Health Sciences we deliver business success for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and maximise patient reach for healthcare services with our value chain of holistic solutions implemented by our highly specialised service providers. Through our partnership with RTT Solutions, one of South Africa’s biggest transport logistics companies, RTT Health Sciences is firmly rooted in a legacy of more than 30 years of service.


RTT Health Sciences is comprised of six service companies, working in cooperation to deliver fully integrated, end-to-end supply chain solutions to the pharmaceutical sector.

RTT Medical offers fully compliant, world class warehousing facilities, providing a multi-channel conduit for scheduled pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to customers across South Africa, including dispensing pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, wholesalers and retailers, across the spectrum of private, state and donor-funded markets.

RTT Tactix is our R&D arm which delivers solutions to supply chain challenges via innovative strategies, systems and tools for improving operations, efficiencies and performance, as well as advanced skills training. The work of RTT Tactix is pivotal in reducing costs, building capacity and bringing new approaches to market.

RTT Trans Africa was established in response to RTT Health Sciences’ contract to deliver supply chain solutions for PEPFAR, the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief. RTT Trans Africa has a ground-breaking track record for successfully addressing the challenges of supplying essential medicines to developing markets in Africa.

RTT Scriptworx specialises in multi-channel solutions for procurement, distribution and dispensing of pharmaceutical products to retailers and medical facilities, as well as courier services direct to patients, along with skills training and capacity support in pharmaceutical distribution and dispensing.

RTT Consumer Health provides a multi-channel supply chain service for fast moving consumer health products, accommodating clients and consignees of any size, and offering both bulk and fine pick distribution from a single stock holding point to hard retail outlets as well as to pharmacies, hospitals and doctors.

RTT Essentials provides a niche supply chain service for fast moving consumer goods with distribution capacity across South Africa, via our distribution centres in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.


RTT Trans Africa is the operational arm of RTT Health Sciences’ pharmaceutical supply chain into Africa. We bring together a range of RTT offerings to create holistic supply chain solutions for delivering essential medicines to developing markets. RTT Trans Africa was established in response to a pivotal contract that RTT secured in for 2005 with the US-based SCMS (Supply Chain Management Systems) set up by USAID to deliver for PEPFAR, the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.

To address the considerable challenges of providing a reliable and sufficient supply of ARVs to remote locations on the continent, RTT Trans Africa has developed Hubs Into Africa, an innovative and world-leading multi-market warehouse (MMW) pharmaceutical distribution model, resulting in ground-breaking success. Today we can boast an unrivalled footprint in this arena and our expertise is deployed in 16 African countries.


RTT Trans Africa has the capacity to drive out inefficiencies in pharmaceutical supply chain warehousing and distribution. We are implementing solutions that have raised the quality of public health care and are providing easier access to essential medication for the people who need them. Our operations are an integral part of PEPFAR, delivering more drugs and saving more lives. While our primary activity is around the delivery of ARVs, we are involved in other projects as well, such as providing supplies for an HIV prevention initiative in Swaziland, funded by the US Government. Here we supply male circumcision kits, test kits and laboratory supplies for voluntary counselling and testing programmes, as well as for treatment monitoring.

We have an in-depth understanding of the countries we work in and are well positioned to manage the complexities and challenges of the public health supply chain in under-resourced environments with limited infrastructure. Together with our partners, RTT Tactix and RTT Medical, we supply ISO accredited pharmaceutical warehousing facilities close to the points of care and fully compliant with international and local standards. In addition, our delivery of pharmaceuticals to our clients is rapid, regular and reliable.


In our partnership with SCMS, RTT Trans Africa has achieved 0% stockouts of ARVs. Our Hubs Into Africa ensure reservoirs of stock within each region, from which we can supply local centres quickly and efficiently. With our accurate forecasting systems and the location of stock within easy reach of local consumers, RTT Trans Africa has transformed the supply of pharmaceuticals to remote locations. Where in the past donor organisations routinely battled with 50-60% stockout challenges, our supply chain model has virtually eliminated the problem. With the accurate and reliable flow of stock that we have achieved, we have been able to slash the need for costly emergency shipments, resulting in a saving of US$46.3 million for our clients in 2010.


The accurate demand forecasting systems deployed by RTT Trans Africa ensure that efficient inventory planning and management is maximised. As a result, RTT has been able to use water and land delivery systems instead of relying primarily on air transport. The resultant cost reductions can amount to as much as 90%. In 2009, for example, RTT Trans Africa was able to effect an 86% cost reduction for PEPFAR (translating into a saving of US$3.2 million) by switching from air freight to road and sea freight shipment.


RTT Trans Africa is committed to leaving a legacy of economic empowerment in the communities it serves. We outsource many requirements, such as trucking services, to local service providers; and where we implement operations, we build capacity, transfer skills, develop standards and expand technology. Our policy of establishing public-private partnerships with state and donor organisations and with the private sector is designed to create commercially viable entities in the long term.

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