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Syngenta’s corporate goals include those dedicated to the improvement of health and quality of life. Syngenta’s Vector Control business delivers this commitment by playing a role in the prevention of vector-borne disease transmission through modern insecticide technology in the brands ICON® and ACTELLIC®. These products have protected millions of households across the globe. However, the specter of insecticide resistance threatens the effectiveness of today’s vector control activities. Syngenta is committed to finding new solutions to this challenge with leading edge technology driven by our powerful R&D capability and innovative partnerships. Together with IVCC, Syngenta has developed Actellic 300CS, a new long lasting product to control pyrethroid resistant malaria mosquitoes. Similarly, we are also rapidly advancing insecticide research to develop brand new insecticides for mosquito control with the aim of ensuring that vital new tools are available to prevent insect borne disease in the future. Vector control remains at the heart of successful malaria prevention and Syngenta remains committed to delivering the tools required to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

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