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Business Overview 

Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, redefining how technology is used in the management of chronic disease. Our deep understanding of human physiology yields unique insight into a range of therapeutic areas, including heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders, and spinal conditions. This breadth of offerings, combined with our years of experience, allows us to deliver therapies that are transforming the treatment of chronic disease and changing the lives of more than 7 million patients worldwide each year.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Medtronic employs 45,000 people. The company operates regional headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore, and develops, manufactures and markets medical devices in more than 120 countries.

Global NCD Initiative

Eighty percent of people living with chronic, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) reside in low- to middle-income countries without sufficient access to treatment. With eight million people in developing countries dying prematurely from NCDs each year, the impact on emerging economies is staggering. Through our Global NCD Initiative, Medtronic is leveraging its technology, partnerships and philanthropy to lead private sector involvement in addressing this global crisis. We are devoting our resources to global policy and advocacy, strengthening health systems, and therapy and healthcare delivery innovation designed to alleviate the global burden of NCDs. Learn more at

HeartRescue Project

This unprecedented initiative assembles leading U.S. emergency and resuscitation experts with a goal to improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates by at least 50 percent within pilot states of Arizona, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Washington. The HeartRescue Project's select non-profit partners will promote a recognized, replicable, and measurable model that coordinates training and technologies for the general public, first responders and EMS, as well as effective post resuscitation care in the hospital, to maximize survival rates. Learn more at

Workplace Wellness

Medtronic's Total Health program provides employees and their spouses in the U.S. and 11 countrires with access to health screenings; weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and smoking cessation classes; and wellness promotions through tailored, customized web sites in local languages. In the fall of 2012, Medtronic will issue its first global health challenge to all employees, providing tools for trakcing activity and weight loss. Medtronic is achieving a 3.5:1 return on investment from these programs and a decrease in our overall healthcare cost trend.

Medtronic is also a member of the Workplace Wellness Alliance, a consortium launched at the World Economic Forum to advance workplace health and productivity, Through the alliance, Medtronic is exchanging knowledge and learning with other companies to expand the reach and impact of effective workplace wellness programs. 

Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery

Launched at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, the Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery seeks to identify, replicate and scale up innovative models of healthcare delivery around the world. The partnership, of which Medtronic is a founding member, seeks to address the challenges that innovators face through four methods of industry support: knowledge and networking, mentoring of innovators by industry executives, annual innovator-investor conferences, and the establishment of an Innovators Regulatory Committee.

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