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Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Company Overview

Founded in 2001, Dalberg is a strategic advisory firm specializing in international development and globalization. The company has conducted more than 600 engagements for over 250 global organizations, with a wide range of expertise, which include: global health, conflict and humanitarian aid, access to finance, corporate strategy, energy and environment, economic policy, agriculture, and strategy and performance.

Dalberg's mission is to mobilize effective responses to the world‘s most pressing issues, in particular those which affect people in developing countries.

Dalberg pursues this mission by:

  • Advising those who contribute to and invest in development and developing countries on how best to deploy their resources to maximize impact
  •  Supporting leaders of governments, international development institutions, corporations, foundations, and NGOs in devising effective strategies and shaping high-performance organizations to deliver them
  • Working with corporations and private investors to achieves goals through strategies that expand access to opportunities and services for people in developing countries
  • Forging partnerships for development, in particular ones that bring private capital to bear on important global issues
  • Creating and implementing new ideas that change the way in which global development challenges are addressed

Corporate Social Responsibility Profile

Setting strategic direction for a health-related global network 

A leading HIV advocacy organization sought a three year plan to focus its activities and communicate its objectives to the external community. Dalberg began with a rigorous strategic assessment to identify gaps in the external advocacy landscape and capabilities and opportunities for improvement at the organization. Subsequently, Dalberg engaged extensively with the group to develop a theory of change with clearly defined strategic objectives and advocacy impact plans to measure progress. Lastly, Dalberg supported the development of a new strategic approach to support the three year plan, including a new organizational structure, a team model approach, new criteria for engaging in new areas, and a funding strategy.

Refining a global health strategy for an international business
Dalberg was engaged by a leading global company to revise its strategy for engagement on global health. The project defined the company's ambitions and strategic options, evaluated these options based on their health and business impact, prioritized options via internal workshops and external interviews, and then developed business cases for selected flagship programs. The project produced a revised implementation-ready strategy for the organization.

Creating Access to effective and affordable anti-malarial medicines 
Most malaria medicines are largely ineffective due to development of resistance. Artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT) are a newer, highly effective treatment, which has not reached large parts of the global population due to cost and distribution challenges. A task force of leading economists and global health experts recommended a new financing mechanism to support low cost ACT introduction, and Dalberg's support was sought by major funders to bring the concept to reality. The plan won the support for the Board of Global Fund to fight malaria and $150 million has already been committed to its implementation.