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Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the fields of industry, energy and healthcare as well as providing infrastructure solutions, primarily for cities and metropolitan areas. For over 160 years, Siemens has stood for technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. The company is the world's largest provider of environmental technologies. Around 40 percent of its total revenue stems from green products and solutions. In fiscal 2011, which ended on September 30, 2011, revenue from continuing operations totaled €73.5 billion and net income from continuing operations €7.0 billion. At the end of September 2011, Siemens had around 360,000 employees worldwide on the basis of continuing operations.

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HIV/AIDS Profile

South Africa

Over the years, Siemens South Africa has supported the principles of a four-pronged approach to HIV/Aids awareness. It is based on an HIV policy, analyses and assessments, concrete workplace programs and personal support for the affected individuals.

The bi-annual HIV/Aids prevalence survey encourages all Siemens employees and they are made aware of the HIV/Aids program.

As part of our "Know your status" campaign, all Siemens employees can obtain free HIV tests and counseling. Siemens wants to invite them to initiate therapeutic measures and enable them to live a better life. The company's overriding goal is to create a distinct awareness of this disease and the possibilities of prevention. For instance, Siemens uses the new employee orientation days to discuss this important topic and provide information about it.

Naturally, HIV-positive employees receive comprehensive medical care. They are given medication and immunizations and can have regular examinations and tests. Siemens employees also have access to counseling and can be personally attended to and supported over the long term. In addition to that, we also incorporate the direct living environment so that affected family members can also be provided medical care. What's more, it has also been accepted that we on the right track with this approach: Siemens South Africa has been recognized by the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria with the 2004 Award for Excellence in the Workplace for its landmark program for the combating of AIDS. Siemens has been a member of the initiative since 2003.


Siemens is also attempting to transfer the experience gained in South Africa to India, among other places. During the last years, Siemens India set up a total of about 25 programs that target increased awareness of the immune-deficiency disease HIV/AIDS within the company. So far, thousands of employees have taken part in these programs. Regular poster competitions help to reach even employees with a low level of education. For example, under these programs we have introduced women-only AIDS awareness groups to improve participation and open discussion. We are also making an important contribution by extending AIDS awareness programs to our contract workers. What's more, we will celebrate AIDS week from 1 to 7 December every year to sustain the impact of the program. AIDS awareness is imparted to Graduate Engineer Trainees during the induction health talk.

Because HIV-infected persons in India still often lose their jobs or are subjected to the most extreme forms of discrimination, Siemens India set an important example with its policy on HIV/AIDS. This policy stipulates that new employees do not undergo HIV screening and that the company's management must maintain absolute silence regarding employees' medical data. The policy prohibits any form of discrimination and pledges full support for employees. In addition, it prescribes regular training and counseling measures.