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RRR Industries


RRR Industries is a Technology Transfer company.

HIV/AIDS Profile

This small company's response to HIV/AIDS started in 1996. Since then it has reached out beyond its 15 employees, becoming an advocate for action among small and medium sized enterprises in India. Using its own resources (company stationery and promotional material), the media and platforms offered by UNAIDS and Rotary (through its World Community Services Task Force), RRR Industries has promoted its workplace and community activities to a wide audience. Its influence and resources have helped to create training for young trainee drivers, condom distribution to workers in local industrial estates and awareness raising activities in the wider community.

RRR Industries in partnership with HIV/AIDS Task Force, Rotary International District 3140, under Rotary-UNAIDS statement on AIDS: "Working with New Generations for a Safer World", has undertaken Triple Action Partnership programs to "Break the Silence". Consisting of:

  • Workplace Awareness to Transport Workers and Industrial Workers from Un-organized Sector,
  • A  Public Health Care Drive: Social Marketing of Condoms through Condom Vending Machines (CVMs),
  • RED RIBBON Awareness by Sight, and AIDS Awareness to Employers and Employees of SMIs at The Global Vendor 2002.