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Dow Chemical Company

Women & Girls Profile

The Dow Chemical Company is a leader in corporate responsibility, and focuses its efforts in three areas: contributing to community success, promoting science and math education, and sustainability. Each of these efforts has a component that addresses the health and well being of women and girls. Dow is particularly interested in addressing the education needs of females in emerging economies, and to addressing challenges that women and girls face in daily living.

Case Studies

  • Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO) in Honduras is a humanitarian organization that improves the lives of people by strengthening health care systems and promoting sustainable community development. Dow specifically supports programs that impact the health and welfare of women and children, and that provide training and education programs. Examples include a trade school, a clinic for battered women, and a medical clinic. 
  • In its continual drive to meet the needs posed by some of the world’s most pressing challenges, Dow is actively involved in helping to supply potable water to remote villages and towns. Many women in developing countries spend a majority of their time retrieving water for their families, often walking several miles each day to reach potable water. Dow has multiple efforts underway to provide water filtration systems to villagers in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other developing countries. Dow works with international aid groups, non-government organizations (NGOs) and corporate peers to develop a sustainable response to ensure long-term solutions to water challenges.
  • Dow is actively engaged in improving health outcomes for women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa through an active HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment program. Prevention and treatment strategies are focused on Dow employees and their families, in addition to orphan children.  The goal is "zero new infections, zero deaths, zero mother-to-child transmissions and zero people without access to treatment." Dow also has an active education program to help orphan children thrive in school.