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FTI Consulting


FTI Consulting is a leading strategic communications consultancy dedicated to helping companies protect and enhance enterprise value by providing integrated solutions for their most critical communications issues. Our offering includes a unique combination of industry-leading human capital, diverse specialist practices and a deep understanding of key industry sectors including Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer, Energy, Industrials, Financial Services and Technology & Telecom. Given this specialization, our clients have access to professionals who are focused exclusively on their company’s specific industry, have a broad network of relationships with key influencers in their sector, and provide counsel based on specific and in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.

FTI Consulting has a presence in virtually all key markets around the world, and our integrated international network allows us to mobilize professionals quickly and efficiently to execute effective multi-market programs by providing both local expertise and worldwide resources. We provide a full suite of specialist communications practices including Corporate Citizenship, Strategy Consulting, Corporate Communications, and Employee Engagement.,

FTI Consulting works with leading organizations across industry sectors to create and implement corporate reputation campaigns that help enhance the client’s enterprise value and forge stronger relationships with their key stakeholders. Our corporate citizenship services include: risk planning and mitigation, stakeholder research and engagement; reporting framework development; CSR brand development and core strategy alignment; message and collateral material development; and integrated employee, customer, investor, media and policy communications programs. These services are backed by a unique business oriented approach that is designed to create long-term shareholder value and overall brand equity by embracing opportunities and managing risks from economic, environmental and social developments.

FTI Consulting recently sponsored cutting edge research among GBCHealth members in 2011 that included both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (in-depth interviews) data. Research was conducted to better understand corporate perceptions and trends on non-communicable diseases, and gain insight into private sector activity in two major areas – workplace programs and outward-facing corporate citizenship initiatives.

This research has been translated into a detailed whitepaper entitled “GBCHealth/FTI Consulting Joint Report on Corporate NCD Initiatives” and is available on GBCHealth’s website.