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PATH is an international nonprofit organization that transforms global health through innovation. We take an entrepreneurial approach to developing and delivering high-impact, low-cost solutions, from lifesaving vaccines and devices to collaborative programs with communities. Through our work in more than 70 countries, PATH and our partners empower people to achieve their full potential.

PATH responds to the spectrum of global health needs. Our work includes:

  • Developing solutions for emerging and epidemic diseases, including AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria.
  • Designing health technologies for low-resource settings.
  • Protecting women during pregnancy and childbirth and improving nutrition and health for mothers and their children.
  • Supporting health equity for women.
  • Providing the basic protection of vaccines for women and children around the world.
  • Addressing diabetes, cervical cancer, and other noncommunicable diseases through diagnostic testing and screening technologies adapted to low-resource settings.
  • Developing and delivering effective, affordable drugs to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Collaboration is at the core of our work. We first develop solutions hand in hand with the communities who will use them and then work with a spectrum of partners—including community groups, other nongovernmental organizations, governments, the private sector, and multilateral agencies—toward impact that is widespread and lasting.

Partnerships with businesses are a critical and unique element of our approach. PATH harnesses the skills and expertise of the private sector to improve public health programs in the developing world and reach millions of people. We currently collaborate with several GBCHealth members—including Abbott Fund, BD, BHP Billiton, Merck & Co., Inc., and others—on their social responsibility efforts.


To reduce the spread of HIV and help those living with HIV/AIDS, PATH enhances prevention for at-risk groups, limits mother-to-child transmission, strengthens care and treatment, and integrates related services. As part of this work, we collaborate with GBCHealth to lead the Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation, Kenya with the aim to cut HIV incidence among Kenyan youth in half.

To address urgent needs for TB control, PATH provides countries with extensive technical assistance and support for diagnosis and treatment. We also address dangerous HIV and TB co-infection by expanding counseling and testing, generating awareness about the dual epidemic, and reducing stigma that may prevent people from seeking testing or treatment.

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PATH takes a dual approach to fighting malaria. We work with national and global partners to develop strategies to eliminate malaria, and we bring together public- and private-sector partners to accelerate the development of malaria vaccines.

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Health technologies

PATH adapts, designs, develops, and advances health technologies for use in low-resource settings. Our innovative approaches—such as developing micronutrient-fortified Ultra Rice® grains, creating rapid diagnostic tests for HIV and malaria, and stimulating new commercial markets for clean drinking water products—have touched millions of people around the world and bring technological advances to even the most remote areas.

Women’s and children’s health

Much of PATH’s work is focused on improving the health of women and children, from protecting women during pregnancy and childbirth to advancing vaccines and other solutions that help young children stay healthy and thrive. Our work addresses the leading causes of maternal and child deaths and supports better nutrition for women and children. We conduct formative research, shape supportive policies, and implement affordable, appropriate, and sustainable solutions to achieve a lasting impact on health.

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Noncommunicable diseases

PATH has a long history of work in cervical cancer and breast cancer, including a recently launched program in Peru to help the government establish and strengthen strategies to reduce the country’s growing burden of breast cancer. We also have a growing portfolio of diabetes projects focused on evidence-based approaches to prevention and control.

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Effective, affordable drugs

PATH brings drug development expertise and experience in neglected infectious diseases to bear on our mission of improving global health through innovation. Our drug development program is based on our affiliation with OneWorld Health, a nonprofit drug development organization headquartered in California.

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