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R.K.C. was founded in April 1993. R.K.C. creates furniture in the Scandinavian tradition and produces a wide assortment of furniture and facades.

HIV/AIDS Profile

The owner of the company, Andrei Medvedev was ranked #4 tennis player in the world in 1994.  Retired from professional tennis, on 9 Feb, he was appointed General Secretary of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation.

Andrei Medvedev is using his influence in the Ukraine to fight HIV/AIDS. On 8 October 2002, Andrei Medvedev became the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. He has spoken publicly on the need for prevention and care programmes and agreed to a televised HIV test during a UN race in September 2002 to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and promote compassion for those living with the virus. Andrei has also donated furniture from his factory for the renovation of the AIDS ward of a hospital in Kyiv. Currently Andrei is planning an HIV/AIDS prevention and care programme for his factory of 350 workers.