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Thomson Reuters Corporation


Thomson Reuters Corporation is the world's largest electronic publisher of news and financial data operating in 128 countries. Daily, almost 350,000 financial professionals across the globe use market data and in-depth news on financial and commodities markets from Thomson Reuters, and one billion consumers see and hear news from Reuters in the world's media. Our trusted information drives decision-making around the world, based on our reputation for speed, accuracy and independence.

Thomson Reuters currently engages 15,659 employees of 115 nationalities in 91 countries. Of this number, 2,300 editorial staff, journalists, photographers and camera operators in 196 news bureaux provide our media subscribers with some eight million words published daily in 19 languages and a round-the-clock video news service supplied to the world's leading broadcasters.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange and on NASDAQ, Thomson Reuters is one of the most read news sources on the internet. Its reliable and objective reporting is valued by users around the globe and its independence and integrity are safeguarded by constitutional mechanisms which ensure its adherence to a set of trust principles.

Our reputation for speed, accuracy and independence has created a demand over the years from other journalists for mentoring support and, in 1982 Reuters set up a charitable arm - Thomson Reuters Foundation - to provide training, especially for journalists in the third world or for countries in transition. The Foundation's initial focus was on providing core training in international news reporting and business news reporting. In recent years the Foundation has extended its training programmes to bring Thomson Reuters core competencies to bear on topical issues. This led the Foundation to start courses aimed at improving journalists' skills in reporting HIV/AIDS issues.

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HIV/AIDS Profile

In 2003, Thomson Reuters expertise was used to initiate an ongoing programme of awareness-raising on HIV/AIDS issues within media organisations around the world.   A conversation between Thomson Reuters Foundation and the University of Cape Town highlighted the issue that knowledge and experience gained in Africa's long fight against HIV/AIDS were not being considered by other regions who were facing similar issues.  It was decided that Thomson Reuters Foundation should run an HIV/AIDS journalism workshop in South Africa for journalists from countries around the world severely impacted by HIV/AIDS.  As well as drawing on Thomson Reuters reporting skills, the 2003 workshop also allowed journalists from around the world to share knowledge and ideas.

To date 80 journalists from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe have received intensive training on reporting the subject, and a successful event in New York in November 2005 launched a series of high-profile public panel debates planned for the next few years, to keep the topic firmly on the international news agenda.