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Company Overview

CIMPOGEST is a management and development-consulting firm offering quality services throughout southern Africa. The company's senior partners have more than 40 years of combined hands-on experience in the southern Africa business environment from the colonial economy of the 1970's through the command economy of the 1980's to the present open market economy.

The managing partners of CIMPOGEST are involved with six companies within the Mozambican industrial sector (which employ over 400 people), and this is a unique and exceptional comparative advantage in taking the leadership of the business sector to fight against HIV/AIDS epidemics in the workplace. Additional influence to the business sector is also linked to over 80 company-members of the Chamber of Commerce Mozambique/USA (CCUMSA) where the President and the Executive Secretary are the senior partners of CIMPOGEST.

HIV/AIDS Profile

Under the umbrella of CCUMSA, CIMPOGEST is spearheading a Business Forum against HIV/AIDS in the workplace using a top-down approach. Occasionally and during a business lunch proceedings, a group of 12 to 15 Managing Directors are invited to share their views/practices on HIV/AIDS related activities. CIMPOGEST believes that having senior managers buying-in HIV/AIDS program is a pre-requisite condition to fight the epidemics in the workplace. Indeed, its recent affiliation to the Global Business Coalition will ensure synergies and bring "best practices" to Mozambican business sector.

CIMPOGEST will initiate a review of business involvement and assessment of the value of leveraging business skills to impact the epidemic. Company examples will be drawn from a variety of SMEs and industrial sectors where business has worked in partnerships with government and civil society in response to HIV/AIDS and other social issues.

Facts for Mozambique
Available data indicates that Mozambique is one of the ten countries in the world mostly infected by HIV/AIDS. Conservative estimates suggest that the virus infected 12.2 percent of adults in 2001 and at least 700 new infections occur daily. Mozambique 's private sector is living in a state of bliss, with almost universal ignorance of the impact of HIV/AIDS on their workforce and society at large.