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Royal Bank of Canada

Business Overview:

As one of Canada’s largest corporate donors, RBC supports a broad range of community initiatives, through donations, sponsorships and employee volunteer activities. In 2011, RBC contributed more than $98 to community causes worldwide, through donations of more than $64 million, and an additional $34 million in sponsorship of community events and national organizations.

Heath Program Overview:

We believe in the power of communities and the individuals who live in them. That’s why RBC invests millions of dollars to make a positive social impact in the communities we serve. We try to focus our support on the areas where we can have the greatest positive impact - health, the environment, sports and the arts, and choose organizations based on a number of guidelines.

Our leading initiatives are:

  • RBC Blue Water Project  - Freshwater sustains life, and together we must protect it.
  • Sports - Healthy, active people contribute to great communities. We support sports from the playground to the podium. Sports we support are RBC Play Hockey, Golf, Olympics and Paralympics and sports organizations
  • Children and Youth - We’re investing in kids and youth to generate benefits for families and communities. Projects we support include the RBC Children's Mental Health Project and RBC After-School Grants Project
  • RBC Emerging Artists Project - We’re investing in the next generation of artists and banking on some entertaining returns