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Vestergaard Frandsen Inc.


Vestergaard Frandsen is an international company specializing in complex emergency response and disease-control products. The company operates under a unique Humanitarian Entrepreneurship business model. This "profit for a purpose" approach has turned corporate social responsibility into its core business. Vestergaard Frandsen was founded in 1957 and has since evolved into an international leader focused on helping to achieve the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals.

We at Vestergaard Frandsen are committed to preventing the transmission of disease among the least fortunate by providing safe drinking water and protection from malaria and other vector-born diseases.

Turning commitment into action, we have developed several breakthrough products and concepts:  LifeStraw®,P ermaNet®, ZeroFly®, CarePackTM and the Integrated Prevention Demonstration.  These innovations have the potential to dramatically reduce suffering and save countless lives

In making this commitment, Vestergaard Frandsen has managed to turn humanitarian responsibility into core business.  Strong support of the MDGs, particularly reducing child mortality and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, is a defining characteristic of our company.  In addition, we aim to dramatically reduce the number of people without access to safe drinking water.

We are confident that our products and concepts can make a tremendous impact.  It is therefore not only our responsibility, but our obligation to invest in making these goals a reality.  Vestergaard Frandsen believes that private sector profit should be purpose-driven.  The sustainable fight against infectious diseases, as well as furthering basic human rights, plays an equal part to profitability for our company.

Our purpose is clear:

  • Develop lifesaving products and concepts
  • Create jobs and nurture a culture of humanitarian entrepreneurship in the developing world
  • Scale-up the availability of lifesaving products in support of the Millennium Development Goals
  • Further support universal human rights, labor, anti-corruption and environmental policies within the Global Compact framework
  • Carefully grow our business to ensure sustainable development

Humanitarian Entrepreneurship is one of the many roles the private sector can play in the advancement of nations that are torn apart by poverty and disease.  We must work together to reduce these burdens faced by the least fortunate in the developing world.

Every responsible CEO should ask themselves:  "What have I done to further the Millennium Development Goals and the Global Compact today?"  Even though Vestergaard Frandsen is a privately held company, we believe the public should choose to invest in companies that show a commitment to corporate social responsibility.  This does not, however, mean compromising on profitability. There is neither conflict, nor controversy, between doing business and doing good.

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