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Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd

Company Overview

Established in 1991 primarily as a manufacturing organization, with marketing as a support function, BIDCO has over the years grown in leaps and bounds and established a strong presence both locally and within East and Central Africa.

With its strong marketing and technologically advanced manufacturing and distribution systems, the company has attained success under the focused leadership of its CEO, Mr. Vimal Shah, who is renowned as one of the best managers in the region.

Bidco remains focused on rising to the challenges of meeting and exceeding customers' needs. Bidco's aim is not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but their loyalty as well. As a truly customer focused organization, our belief is ‘The Customer is King.' We plan to achieve this by offering our customers reliable services and quality brands at the most affordable prices.

BIDCO produces high quality, popular products with a vision of becoming the market leader throughout Africa by 2030. We believe that the greatest asset to any business is the customers. We are therefore committed to winning our customers loyalty to BIDCO products forever.

Bidco's purpose is to serve daily customer needs to enhance Happy Healthy Living by Branding Transforming, Distributing the Goodness of Mother Nature.

To-date Bidco's products are marketed in 13 African countries in the COMESA and SADC markets. The company has a vision of attaining at least over 51% market share in each of the African Markets it enters and eventually attaining number one status in Africa.

HIV/AIDS Profile

Bidco's response to HIV/AIDS at the workplace

Being a company in the food manufacturing business, it has become our business to ensure we practice our philosophy of Happy, Healthy, Living in everything we do.

Bidco has a workforce of approximately 1500 workers from various backgrounds working as a united community focused towards achieving our goal of being number one in Africa by the 2030.

In April 2007 we partnered with Global Business Coalition (GBC), an alliance of international companies dedicated to combating the HIV and AIDS epidemic, malaria and TB. We initially embarked on a journey to educate our top management before moving down to the other staff at the work stations on how to control and reduce the spread of this epidemic. An AIDS Policy was launched in November 2007 by Bidco CEO Mr. Vimal Shah with clear guidelines on the way forward.

The policy clearly informs every employee of their rights and privileges and opportunities regardless of their HIV status. The company does not discriminate against anybody during recruitments, promotions or deployments of staff. HIV positive members of staff are given the same rights as the rest.

Bidco Peer Educators led by the Head of Corporate Affairs Mr. Shafiq Taibjee and HIV/AIDS Workplace Program Coordinator Mr. Vincent Ajienga, hands over a sponsorship cheque worth Ksh. 224,600 contributed by members of staff towards assisting Agape Mercy Children Centre. The centre is home to HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Gathanji,Gatanga District. Receiving the cheque is Agape Mercy founder Director Rev. John Muhika.

With the help of GBC and other partners, Bidco has trained more than 60 Peer Educators across all sections and units of the company. The peer educators are empowered to address people within and outside the factory to educate and to assess the success of the program. This includes condom distribution. Counseling and distribution of I.E.C materials

The future in Bidco is to focus on TB and Malaria as these are co-epidemics and to ensure our workers stay healthy as the costs for the business is high in terms of absentees, medical insurance e.t.c and the risk of losing talented staff.

Bidco Peer educators have since opened their borders to the larger Thika community. Through an initiative with GBC, we have been able to bring together the entire business leadership of Thika together to get discuss the ways of reducing the impacts of HIV/AIDS within Thika. This led to the formation of Thika Business on Health Initiative on Health Initiative, a grouping of all companies and organizations in Thika.

We have also gone out of our way to engage several community based organizations, orphanages, churches and learning institutions with the message of positive living and behavior change. With the help of the company management and other members of staff, the Peer Educators have been to start income generation projects for a number of children homes orphaned by HIV/AIDS around Thika to help them stop reliance on hand - outs from well wishers.

The group has also taken advantage of the football craze and the excitement around the continent as a result of the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa; the Peer Educators have decided to reach the local communities with SPORTS AS A TOOL for change using its premier league team, Bidco United.