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Designers Against AIDS

Company Overview

Non-profit organization 'Beauty Without Irony' has launched the international project 'Designers Against AIDS' (DAA) in 2004 in order to raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public, more specifically towards young people in the industrialised countries using elements from pop culture (music, fashion, design, arts, sports, film, celebrities, etc).

AIDS awareness project Designers Against AIDS -born in Belgium, but active all over the world- wants to reach young people by using their favorite celebrities from the worlds of music, fashion, sports and art to raise their interest and curiosity, making them visit the website , click on the links to local AIDS organisations and learn more about the disease.

The main objective of Designers against AIDS is to raise awareness and to get the subject of HIV/AIDS back into the media all over the world, as lately it has become a forgotten disease, especially in the western world. Their messages are: 'Prevention is the only cure for HIV/AIDS' (protect yourself and your partner) and 'Know your status' (get tested). Furthermore they fight for the acceptance of and equal rights for seropositive people.

In 2010 DAA has opened the first International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in Antwerp, Belgium, where it trains international students how to create efficient HIV prevention campaigns themselves. They plan to open more centers worldwide at a later date, the first one in Los Angeles (USA).