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Company Overview

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HIV/AIDS Profile

As part of World AIDS Day 2010 (WAD 2010), bioMérieux has launched initiatives throughout the World to increase access to HIV screening in different settings.

Through the implementation of these WAD actions bioMérieux hopes to:

  • Increase the number of individuals screened for HIV during WAD 2010 events
  • Partner with some HIV screening sites in different countries by providing HIV rapid tests (VIKIA® HIV 1/2) to increase availability and facilitate access to quality HIV screening
  • Support these testing sites to increase awareness on HIV prevention by offering educational material

For WAD 2010, bioMérieux is participating in actions in 5 countries: Argentina,Brazilthe Congo Democratic RepublicIndonesia and Poland.

  • Argentina | On the 1st December bioMérieux Argentina will work with the Malvinas Argentinas’s Hospital Municipal de Trauma Y Emergenica (Buenos Aires province) and their mobile unit to offer VIKIA HIV 1/2 tests and educational material. Find out more
  • Brazil | bioMérieux Brazil is working with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and their AIDS program to support their actions on World AIDS Day. bioMérieux is supporting 3 HIV MoH sites in the North of Brazil at Alagoas, Sergipe and Maranhão.  Find out more
  • Congo Democratic Republic | For WAD 2010, bioMérieux is contributing to the AIDS National Program (PNLS) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) to fight against HIV/AIDS, by providing VIKIA HIV 1/2 tests and educational material.Find out more
  • Indonesia | bioMérieux Indonesia is working with Enseval Medika Prima (exclusive bioMérieux distributor) between December 2010 and February 2010 to offer VIKIA HIV 1/2 kits to 5 laboratories to help ensure HIV testing is accessible to all. Find out more
  • Poland | Social AIDS Committee (SKA) are organizing Warsaw HIV Testing Days: 4th, 11th, 18th December at the IZIS Ambulatory Clinic, Chmielna Street, Warsaw.  For these 3 days bioMérieux Poland is offering VIKIA HIV 1/2 kits to the IZIS clinic to demonstrate that HIV screening and prevention is essential. Five consultants will be present to perform the HIV tests and offer pre-test and post-tests counseling.  Find out more