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Vision, Mission and Approach

GBCHealth is a coalition of more than 200 member companies and organizations committed to investing their resources to make a healthier world ... for their employees, for the communities in which they work, and for the world at large.  

Our Vision is a global business community that is fully contributing its assets, skills, influence and reach to making a healthier world for employees, their families, and their communities. 

Our Mission is to leverage the power and resources of the business community for positive impact on global health challenges.

Our Approach: GBCHealth accomplishes its mission by supporting member companies through the following efforts:

  • convening and connecting businesses, governments, multilaterals and civil society for the purpose of knowledge and idea sharing on global health

  • driving the creation of high-impact partnerships and collective actions

  • providing recognition and visibility to members for the global health work they support

  • championing best practices in business engagement on health

  • representing business in key global health settings

  • and providing advisory services and guidance to individual member companies, as needed

The GBCHealth Board of Directors, Corporate Advisory Board and talented GBCHealth team provide the direction, unmatched expertise and deep commitment essential to our success mobilizing business for a healthier world.