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Business and TB: Why it Matters


Some 2 billion people, or 1/3 of the world's population, are thought to be infected with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, the bacteria which causes tuberculosis (TB). TB is a contagious and opportunistic disease which, like the common cold, is spread through air and has devastating effects if left untreated. With the continued threat of HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis has re-emerged as a critical global health issue today.

  • In 2006, there were 9.2 new million new cases and 1.7 million deaths from TB.
  • TB kills 4600 people a day.
  • India, China, Indonesia, South Africa and Nigeria have the highest burden of TB. Africa has the highest incidence rate of TB.
  • TB and HIV are a lethal combination: TB is the leading cause of death among HIV-infected people.
  • 5% of new TB cases are cases of MDR-TB, the highest rates of which are found in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
  • TB kills more women than all other maternal mortality causes combined.
  • TB is curable for less than US $10.

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