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Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Workplace: A Company Management Guide

Co-authored by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GBC), "Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Workplace: Methodology and Good Practices" is a technical guide that helps companies design and implement HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs for their employees and surrounding communities. The guide highlights HIV/TB co-infection in the context of workplace HIV/AIDS programs.

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1.Cover page / table of content

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2.Why this guide was developed

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This section covers the business rationale for companies operating in developing countries to implement workplace HIV/AIDS programs.

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4.Managing HIV/AIDS in the workplace and community
The following two sections provide companies with practical guidance on designing and
implementing programs to respond to the threat of HIV/AIDS in the workplace and beyond.

A : Foundations of a program
What steps should a company take to launch a workplace and/or community HIV program? Using case studies, practical examples and lessons learned over time, this section provides businesses with initial steps and good practices that form the basis of an effective HIV/AIDS program.

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B: Implementation and partnership
This section provides tactical and strategic guidance for companies to meet their HIV/AIDS program objectives and maximize results. Topics covered include:

Awareness, Education and Prevention; HIV counseling and testing; Wellness, treatment and care; and Community outreach.

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5.Workplace policies
A workplace HIV/AIDS Policy is a central element of an HIV/AIDS program. Sample policies from leading companies, including Merck and Chevron, are included in this section.

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6.About the partners

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