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Investing in Asia-Pacific: Public Private Partnerships in Health

July 11, 2012 - July 12, 2012

A Global Fund Business Forum

GBCHealth partnered with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria  to host a two day business forum in Bangkok, Thailand on investing in health in the Asia-Pacific region. The forum brought together government officials from Thailand and business leaders from the region to make the business case for partnering with the Global Fund in Asia-Pacific. Partners of the event included Friends of the Global Fund Japan, Pacific Friends of the Global Fund and the Thailand Business Coalition. GBCHealth Managing Director Michael Schreiber spoke on the opening panel entitled The Global Fund and the Role of the Private Sector in Response to the Three Diseases. 

Notable Speakers:

Anita Wei, Director PR & Communications, BD

Anthony Pramualratana, Executive Director, Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS

Antonio Bautista, Deputy Program Manager— Field Operations of the Movement Against Malaria, Pilipinas Shell Foundation

Dr. Christoph Benn, Director, Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization, Global Fund

Ken Shibusawa, President, Japan Center for International Exchange; Director, Friends of the Global Fund, Japan; and Chairman, Commons Asset Management

Koichi Kaneda, Senior Director, Corporate Communication, Takeda Pharmaceutical

Lyn Kok, President & CEO, Standard Chartered Bank Thailand

Michael Schreiber, Managing Director, GBCHealth

Peter Botten, Managing Director, Oil Search and Global Fund Principal Recipient, Papua New Guinea

Dr. Paijit Warachit, Permanent Secretary, Thailand Ministry of Public Health

Sherwin Charles, Director, Nando’s

Tatsuo Mizuno, General Manager, Vector Control, Environmental Health Division, Sumitomo Chemical

Wendy McCarthy, Chair of the Advisory Council, Pacific Friends of the Global Fund

Event Highlights

  • The Permanent Secretary for the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Paijit Warachit, opened the forum. In his remarks, Warachit provided an overview of Thailand’s disease burden, describing the efforts of the government to provide treatment and prevention. He also lauded the Thai government's collaboration with the Global Fund as an excellent example of public-private partnerships in public health.
  • Speakers throughout the day highlighted key opportunities for private sector companies to build impactful global health partnerships with the Global Fund. These include financial and skills-based contributions, in-kind support, implementing Global Fund grants, and promoting awareness.
  • Companies that have had successful partnerships with the Global Fund, including Standard Chartered Bank, Takeda, BD, and Nando's, emphasized the strong business case for public health interventions.
  • After the panel session, participants attended a cocktail reception hosted by the Japan Center for International Exchange.
  • On day 2, participants visited the Raks Thai Foundation and Veloil, where Global Fund programs are currently being implemented.

From left to right: Apichal Mongkol, Anthony Paramualratana, Dr. Christoph Benn, Dr. Paijit Warachit, Ken Shihusawa, Wendy McCarthy and Michael Schreiber

Detailed Overview

Bringing together business leaders and government officials from Thailand, the Global Fund Business Forum was a call to action for Asian companies to engage with the Global Fund. The many successful initiatives highlighted throughout the event served as models of strong and successful partnerships. Speaking on the opening panel session, GBCHealth Managing Director Michael Schreiber highlighted the work of several GBCHealth members in partnership with the Global Fund:

  • Chevron, which has contributed $30 million to the Global Fund as the first Corporate Champion
  • Novartis, which has supported Global Fund malaria programs through training and education, and through the distribution of not-for-profit Coartem®, an ACT malaria drug
  • Anglo Gold Ashanti, which has received $130 million to scale-up its malaria program in Ghana as the first private sector company to receive Global Fund grants

Panelists responded to questions from participants about company motivations for partnering with the Global Fund and how to make the business case for such interventions. Koichi Kaneda of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Anita Wei of BD and Tatsuo Mizuno of Sumitomo Chemical stressed the importance of financial viability and employee participation in a company’s public health initiatives to ensure sustainability. Speakers from the Pilipinas Shell Foundation and Oil Search Ltd. spoke about their contributions to the Global Fund’s mission as recipients of Global Fund grants in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea respectively.

Lyn Kok, the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Thailand, remarked on the rationale for sustainable engagement and underscored the importance of a corporate culture that supports investing in public health initiatives. Such investments will create a highly desirable work environment for employees and will be profitable in the long term.

Thailand Business Coalition Executive Director Anthony Pramualratana, Global Fund Director for Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization Dr. Christoph Benn, and Regional Director of GBCHealth China Michael Shiu closed the forum with a panel session exploring next steps. Pramualratana stressed the possibility of multi-country collaboration to address public health issues, while Benn emphasized the need to engage with the private sector on all levels, from corporate to small and medium enterprises. Shiu stated that sharing best practices between private sector companies at events such as this forum is a valuable tool to motivate companies and catalyze action.

Download the Event Report here.