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Population: 69 million
GF Grants: $514 million
Disbursed: $303,317,571
216,118 people on ART
52,000 new smear-positive TB cases detected and treated

Vulnerable groups: injecting drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men
Prevalence: 530,000
Estimated number of people needing ARV therapy (WHO 2006 guidelines): 290,000

Vulnerable groups: prison inmates and indigenous populations
Prevalence: 130,000

Vulnerable groups: people living in remote hilly and forested regions of nine provinces
Prevalence: 31,771
Number of nets distributed: 800,000

Grant Recipients
Principal Recipients:

  • Ministry of Public Health Thailand,
  • Raks Thai Foundation,
  • World Vision Thailand,
  • PSI International USA, and
  • AIDS Access Foundation

PSD Newsletter Country Spotlight


Thailand has received $319 million in funding from the Global Fund since 2003. The country has made significant progress in addressing HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria but more education initiatives and awareness are crucial to maintain this progress.



  • While the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Thailand has declined, the epidemic has moved to the general population and there is a greater need to match prevention efforts with recent demographic changes in the epidemic.
  • 91,016 men who have sex with men (MSM) and 90,224 sex workers have been reached by behavior change/communication activities.
  • A significant challenge to reducing the infection rate is low awareness of HIV status.


  • Thailand ranks 18th in the list of 22 high TB burden countries. 1,643 new TB cases in prisons are diagnosed per year.
  • Despite early success in TB control, TB increased by about 40% in the 1990s due to Thailand’s high HIV prevalence and large numbers of HIV/TB co-infections.
  • The Fund recently approved a grant for $10 million to the Thai Ministry of Public Health to address HIV/TB and multi-drug resistant TB, to implement DOTS, and empower communities and people with TB.


  • By improving local capacity and access to diagnosis and treatment services and insecticide-treated net distribution, malaria related illness and death was reduced by 50% in endemic areas, exceeding the expectations of the grant.
  • Thailand’s most recent malaria grant came to an end in 2009. The principal recipient was the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

Overall, Thailand has been performing well in addressing the HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria problems in the country through grant funding and local capacity expansion. To find out more about the grants please click here.

External Perspective:
Listen to monk Tesha Phanuo discuss how faith based associations in Thailand are helping those living with AIDS and how the Global Fund is supporting them.