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Population: 29 million
GF Grants: $146 million
Disbursed: $43,424,026
16,000 people on ART
36,000 new smear-positive TB cases detected and treated

Vulnerable Groups: Males who have sex with males (MSMs), female, trans-sexual sex workers and prison inmates.

Prevalence: Adult HIV prevalence is 0.4 percent, but within vulnerable groups like MSMs and trans-sexual sex workers, the prevalence rate is 13.7 and 55 percent respectively.

Vulnerable Groups: Children, prison inmates and indigenous populations

Prevalence: TB prevalence rate among adults is 34,000 (all forms of TB)

Principal Recipients: CARE Peru, Pathfinders International and the Ministry of Health, amounting to a total of $128,943,493 disbursed



Peru is Largest Recipient of Global Fund Grants in Latin America


The largest Global Fund recipient in Latin America, Peru receives $146 million in funding. With a relatively high disease burden of HIV/AIDS and TB, Peru  will experience significant disruption in funding due to the Global Fund’s new grant approval process.


Impact of Global Fund grants:

  • Health Centers: Improved infrastructure and provided medical equipment to health centers in 10 prisons, including some of the most overcrowded prisons in Lurigancho and Tambopata.
  • Regional Strategies: Designed regional intervention strategies based on successful Global Fund programs. 
  • ARV treatment: Reached 90% of people living with HIV/AIDS with ARV treatments in the Callao region of Peru, where the epidemic is a top health priority.

During the period from November 2008 - September 2011, the Global Fund reported:


  • 4,339  men who have sex with men (MSM) receiving periodic medical attention
  • 91,016  MSM and 90,224 sex workers reached by behavior change/communication activities
  • 48,858,297 condoms distributed to vulnerable groups
  • 51,269 pregnant women receiving HIV tests/counseling
  • 261 maternal health centers implementing PMTCT


  • 57,522 people at 27 targeted prisons receiving HIV tests/counseling
  • 1,643 new TB cases in prisons diagnosed per year

The Global Fund’s programs have had a major impact in providing ARV medicines and TB treatments to vulnerable populations in Peru. The challenge ahead is to continue the progress with significantly reduced funding and to institutionalize these programs into the National HIV/TB response to ensure a wider reach and greater impact.

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